Behind The Scenes

About Us

Meet the crew and our gear that will capture your magical day and just some of our awards we have gathered over the years

Meet The Team

  • Rudi Van Zyl – Owner & Lead Cinematographer
  • Marnus Tredoux – Cinematographer
  • Dee Bakasa – Videographer
  • Roland Calitz – Photographer

  • Elizma Heyns – Photographer

  • Igor Crous – Sound

  • Emile Tredoux – Vision Mixing/ Live Stream

Our Gear

Shooting a great wedding video requires as much gear as shooting a small film. We’ve been in this game for a long time. We’ve seen just about everything happen that can possibly happen at a wedding. Doing this kind of work teaches you many things, not least of which is learning to think on your feet and roll with the punches. Here’s our complete gear list for Wedding Film and Cinematography.

We filmed our first wedding in 2008 with one Sony FX1 camcorder, a set of wireless mics, and a bunch of DIY support gear a roommate at the time helped me build. It’s incredible how far technology has come since then. Not only has wedding videography equipment gotten more advanced, like drones and electronic gimbals, for example, it’s gotten smaller and cheaper. The barrier to entry for wedding videography is much lower than it used to be.

When we shoot weddings my prime objective is to tell a compelling story using highly cinematic visuals. Our wedding videography equipment is lightweight with quick setup so we can focus on the important things happening throughout the day. The last thing you want is to fight with your wedding gear. It should essentially stay out of your way.

All our videos are produced in 4K resolution today!


2 x Panasonic LUMIX GH5
Fuji X-T4
DJI mini 2 drone
GOPRO Hero 11


Ronin-SC gimbal


3 x Manfrotto tripod


Manfrotto slider


ZOOM H5 sound recorder


Sony Wireless lapel


RODE wireless GO ii lapel set


Product photography studio box


Mobile green screen


AV Gear

AORUS 2020 i5 laptop
Blackmagic HD ATEM TV switcher
Blackmagic Web presenter
Samsung monitors
PA System
2 x JBL EON715 15″ Powered 2-Way Main/Floor Monitor
Yamaha XU12 Mixer with Effects
Shure cordless mics
4 x Shure SM58 GLXD4 Wireless Microphone System
50inch Samsung LED TV with stand

Power & Media

HDMI cables & switches
SDI cables & switches
Power cords

Awards We’ve Received

Over the years of service to our brides and grooms, we have managed to rake in some awards that we happily boast with, as we prepare and gear up to win more. These are our proud Oscar moments.

Top Vendor Award 2017
Awarded South Africa’s Number 1 Top Wedding Vendor as Wedding Videographer

Destination Weddings Award 2018
Awarded South Africa’s best destination wedding videographer

Top Vendor Award 2018
Nominated as one of South Africa’s Top Wedding Vendor as Wedding Videographer